Our Standards

Aspire, Learn, Achieve together

'For with God, nothing is impossible' Luke 1:37

At Braywood we are relentless in our quest for excellence. As a result are standards are very high. Our Ofsted report rates our school as 'outstanding' and although the report was published in 2011 nothing has really changed since then; children still leave our school with some of the highest standards in the country for their age.  

"At Braywood it is our aspiration for all children to become confident, emotionally resilient and compassionate individuals who achieve personal excellence through a strength of character and a of love of learning"

School Vision Statement

‘You truly have a wonderful school and some pretty good teachers too. What sets you apart from other schools is that you genuinely care about the children and make them feel special; with the time you invest in then which enables you to know and understand them as unique little people rather than just another child’

Braywood Parent