Our Effective Curriculum

Our curriculum is creative, motivational and prepares children for the next stage in their lives. 
Our curriculum is established, rich, relevant and ambitious. It has been improved over the years using educational theory and internal assessment of its continual effectiveness. Children develop detailed skills and knowledge over the five years at Braywood which is reflected in our high standards and confident children. 
The curriculum is structured, exploits the experience of loyal staff and small groupings and is carefully planned in small learning steps. For concepts to be revisited the curriculum spirals to develop children's skills in order to achieve a strong knowledge base on which to build. The curriculum is built around mastery and excellence in order to deepen the learning. We are inclusive of all pupils. 
The curriculum provides the cultural capital, leadership opportunities and courageous advocacy opportunities that helps a child's self-esteem  and belief in themselves as learners. 
In this curriculum section it explains how our curriculum is rich with learning experience, relevant to the learner to help prepare them for life's challenges and gives the children the resilience, love of learning and strength of character to help children realise their dreams.