What is happening in my child's classroom?

A typical week at Braywood 

As a rule at the beginning of the week, most days start with a short Nuts and Bolts Maths lesson or SPAG (Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar) lesson followed by a Collective Worship assembly at 9.30am. It is important to be prompt to school because the teacher has to welcome, register the children and direct a 30 minute lesson before they all walk over to the Church House. 

After assembly children are either working in their phonics or Literacy groups which are very small and suitable to every child's specific needs. These are carefully monitored to ensure consistent progress. These short lessons are interspersed with 5 minute PE bursts. 

It is then time for break for 15 minutes where we have fruit and water. We start again at 11am with our Mathematics lesson which takes us up to lunchtime. 

In the afternoons we could be covering a variety of topic based subjects. History, Geography, Science, RE, Art, or DT which forms the basis of our International Primary Curriculum. 

Towards the end of the week our timetable changes and throughout the day we have discrete French, PE and Music lessons. ICT, PSHE and RE tends to be integrated into various subjects or taught as whole days. 

For more details read your child's class meeting notes or the curriculum meeting notes through the tabs in this section.