Weekly message from Mrs Calvert

28th September 2020

Dear Parents,

The children had a lovely day last Friday competing in our PE tournament day. They had the opportunity to sing, run an endurance race, compete in an obstacle race and the older children worked with the Windsor Schools' Partnership. Our Happy Bags raised £300 for the PTA so thank you to all parents who donated their old clothes etc.  

It was lovely to see how well the new children settled into school last week. The Maidenhead Advertiser will be coming on Thursday to take a socially distanced class photograph to publish in their paper. If anyone is unhappy with this, please contact the school.

As mentioned in last week's email we are hoping for many of our children to have a cooked meal on Thursday 1st October because the DfE calculates the budget for universal free school meals funding from this figure. The choices are pizza or fish fingers and chips. They will be served in the first of our warm 'grab bags' in the children's classroom.

The Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 children get their meals for free. The cost of a meal for Year 3 and 4 is £2.20. This will be charged through eschools.  

From Friday 2nd October there will be a three-weekly menu from which your child can choose as usual. This is attached to this email. The children will be asked whether they would like a warm or a cold meal. In the Pupil Parliament discussions, they decided that they would like the meals to be called 'happy' meals. I wonder why?

Attached is an important letter from Frimley Health regarding the flu nasal spray for children. There is a letter explaining the procedures and a consent form at the bottom of this email. If you would like your child to have this nasal spray, we will need your consent form in this week. This medication will be administered in the Church House and children who do not want the procedure will stay in their classroom. 

There is also an NHS Test and Trace letter attached reminding everyone of the Government procedures. Attached is a link for more information from the Government about getting a test. 

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-to-parents-and-guardians-when-you-should-book-a-coronavirus-test-for-your-child utm_source=25%20September%202020%20C19&utm_medium=Daily%20Email%20C19&utm_campaign=DfE%20C19

The advice from Public Health England is that children only stay away from school if they have any symptoms such as cough and/or fever etc. If you are concerned, parents can get a test for that child. If you decide to have a test, then this child cannot come back to school until you have the results. If their sibling is well, then they can come to school because Government policy is based upon trying to get children back to school for their mental wellbeing.  

In times such as these we are going to support the charity, Young Minds. On Friday 9th October children can come to school wearing yellow. For the privilege of coming to school in non-uniform, please bring in 50p to £1 which we will donate to the charity. On this day we will be talking more about our feelings and how we can maintain our positive attitudes through these difficult times. 

On a final note it is very important that all parents drop off and collect their child from school promptly. There is a ten-minute window before your child's allotted time and a five-minute window after this time. We are not able to keep the year groups apart, if parents do not respect these guidelines. The aim is that parents do not wait outside the school to prevent any congestion. I realise that without our extended schools programme parents will have to find alternative arrangements but often finding a friend who you can share the journeys will help. Next week some siblings will be collected at a different location, but Juliette will ring and inform these parents personally. 

There will be more information regarding Braywood EXtra next week. 

Don't hesitate to ring the school if you have any concerns.  

Kind regards 

Susan Calvert