Weekly message from Mrs Calvert

21st September 2020

Good morning everyone,

Most of our new children have started school this morning and it was lovely to see them playing on the field. We are also really looking forward to our Year 1 children returning back to school on Wednesday. On Friday we are having the first of our Pupil Parliament sessions. The theme will be music and movement and the children will be reviewing the changes made to Caterlink's Grab Bags. Everyone will be involved in an endurance and skills physical challenge. Children will be awarded a medal at the end of the day.

Caterlink are introducing a new warm grab bag. The original grab bag is still available on a daily basis and Sonia (our cook) will be returning back to school this Wednesday. 

On Thursday 1st October we are offering our first warm meal of either fish fingers and chips or pizza. 

It is really important that as many children as possible order this meal, but especially the Year 1, 2 and new Foundation children. These children are eligible to a daily universal free school meal from the government and for each child who orders a meal on this day then our school is given £400 in our budget. This is a potential of £36,000 for Braywood which is money that we regularly rely upon. Both menus can be found as an attachment at the bottom of this email. Warm grab bags will start on Friday 2nd October. 

We are asking parents to let the school know whether you plan to send your child back to either our Early Birds or our Squirrel Club in the future. When Braywood EXtra started a few weeks ago there were only a few children who took up the offer. These clubs are small businesses who usually do not take funding from the school's main budget. As such we would like to ascertain the number of parents who need to use these clubs on a regular basis to ensure they can be run sustainably. Both clubs are not open at the moment. 

At present all homework is based around our regular electronic platforms e.g. abacus, bug club. We are not planning to send any material home such as reading books and all spellings, literacy or maths activities will be relayed through eschools. The focus will definitely be based around what has been happening in the classroom so that our parents can follow up the learning that has just taken place This should help then if we have to have a sudden lockdown or if your child was asked to self-isolate.   

As usual we will be setting up a series of 'Meet your New Teacher' parent consultations through WhatsApp as we did over the lockdown period. There will be more information regarding this soon.

We are going through a period of uncertainty and as the Government are now putting stricter guidelines on us all it is going to be a challenging next few months. The vast majority of our parents have been supportive of our school procedures and we are very appreciative of your help. Please remember that we are always keen to hear our parents' comments and these need to be emailed to the school through braywood@rbwm.org.uk.  

This year there are a few changes to our WhatsApp groups which were highlighted last year. Most parents have signed up to the School's WhatsApp Groups and this platform will be used to alert our parents about key events including all the PTA events. Parents are not able to reply on this site. Each year group also has a social communication platform to make friends, plan times to get-together or offer support. Parents can opt into this group if they wish. Please remember that both sites should reflect the moral Christian values of our school and all comments should be of a positive, constructive nature. There should be not direct mention of children nor staff because of GDPR and a courteous regard for the other uses. 

Enjoy the lovely weather 

Kind regards 

Susan Calvert