Mrs Calverts message

20th May 2022

Dear Parents, 

As we are heading into our Jubilee celebrations this email should clarify some of next week's arrangements. 

Firstly, there are no more 'catch-up' sessions for the rest of this academic year. The children have worked really hard, and we are so proud of them. 

Our most important event next week is the Jubilee Fun Run on Thursday 26th May. The whole school will be walking down to the Braywood Cricket Ground at 1pm and school closes at approximately 2pm. Please do encourage as many of your friends or family to sponsor your child even if you are not able to attend. We are desperate to repair our trim trail and have £8,000 banked. The cost of the overall project is £12,000. There is a photograph attached of some of the playground items. 

The Governors have asked me to circulate the 'Just Giving' site which is on Crowdfunding to Help support Braywood school on JustGiving

If you would like to donate, we would be very grateful. 

On the Monday of next week, the Year 3 and 4 pupils are looking forward to going to Legoland to extend their curricular provision. On Tuesday we will all be in our houses and working on a range of fun activities in a rotating carousel. This will involve baking, art, creating our own song and philosophy activities. We have five houses (Owls, Eagles, Kites, Falcons, Hawks) so having the younger children working alongside the older children is quite special. 

On the Wednesday we will be having our Jubilee lunch provided by Caterlink. The tables will be outside and dressed in red, white, and blue. All the children will be sharing the meal together on this day and are asked to also wear red, white, and blue. Finally on Thursday everyone needs to come into school in their uniform and will be changing into their PE kit in the afternoon. Year 1 and 2 are going to Dedworth Middle to sing and have a picnic in the Great Park so will need to be in their winter uniform please. This is a really busy day!

Please save the date of Saturday 16th July as our first Summer Fair after many years. This will be really exciting for the children. 

On other matters, if you are interested in becoming a teacher there is a virtual open evening on 26th May. Please see the leaflet attached. Also attached is a leaflet from Eton College inviting you to visit them for free.

An electronic version of our newsletter is attached for more information, and it is always on the website. 

Kind regards 

Susan Calvert