Mrs Calvert's Weekly Message

23rd February 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome back after half term. I hope that you had a lovely break. 

Today, Tuesday 23rd February we are hosting our pupil/parent/teacher consultations. This is for your child to share their work with their class teacher. Unfortunately, over half term, the eschools site crashed and only half of our parents managed to secure an appointment. If parents do not have an official slot, your class teacher will try to arrange this personally with you on the day. This situation was beyond our control.

Following the Government's announcement yesterday, we are happy to welcome al children back to school on Monday 8th March. This has been a stressful lockdown and it will be good for the children to be back in school. Our organisation will not really change but I will provide a reminder in my next email.

One main focus this term will be the 2021 census. It is going to be an ongoing area of research for the school until March 25th. Our aim is to reflect upon what life could have been like when the school was first built in 1857 until our lives now. I think that this is the year to create a 'time capsule' together. If you are interested in this work do please contact the school. 

In preparation for coming back to school we are starting to create a mood board of life living with Covid 19, lockdown and home learning. Over the next few weeks, we would like you to put together a brainbuilder possibly including photographs of your home learning space, timetables, diary, routines, motivations, fun activities etc to help provide an accurate picture / documentary of our school's challenges through this pandemic. 

Next week we will be thinking about coming back to school and the value of friendship. On Thursday 11th and Friday 12th March between 9.30am to 10.30am each class will have a fifteen-minute family assembly with the staff and myself to celebrate our achievements so far. We will be using our usual Googlemeet links and teachers will let you know the timings. In preparation, please could children have their lockdown mood board ready together with one of our Christian values and a word which best describes a positive outcome of Covid 19 written on a piece of paper in bold. It would be great if the children could practice one of the two songs below. The links are below for your convenience. 

The Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 children will sing 'You have got a Friend in Me' from Toy Story

whereas older children can have a go at Bruno Mars 'Count on Me'.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

Kind regards 

Susan Calvert