Covid 19 Procedures

27th September 2021

Dear Parents, 

Thank you to all of our families for the support you have given the school during the past three weeks. Lots of our parents have been so helpful in their attitudes towards suppressing the spread of this pandemic. 

Just as a point of reassurance, all the measures that have been so successful over the past 18 months are still being maintained. The classrooms are well-ventilated, children are washing their hands frequently and educational resources/furniture are cleaned throughout the day. Although key stages are allowed to play outside together there is still an element of social isolation and good respiratory health is encouraged at all times. 

It is very clear that vaccinations and regular testing is a clear way out of this pandemic. All the staff have been vaccinated and we test twice a week. I am encouraging as many families as possible to do the same because we are all working towards the same outcome - keeping the school open and everyone as safe.

We are asking that if your child has been unwell (depending upon the severity) that you keep them at home and /or test them in the morning to ensure that we are as confident as possible that no one is coming into school with the virus. Schools are no longer managing the cases in their school; it is all being coordinated by the NHS Track and Trace system.  If a child develops symptoms (or is tested with a lateral flow test and it registers as positive) you need to get a PCR test and stay at home until you get the PCR result. This will then be picked up by Track and Trace and they will advise.

The information on the PCR test message will inform you of the next steps. If our PCR is negative, then your child can return back to school but if it is positive then your child will be asked to self-isolate for 10 days. We will offer remote learning in these circumstances and try to keep your child in contact with their friends as much as possible. 

Attached is more some images from Public Health England and there is a page on our website at with more information

Below is a link below gives further advice from the Government at

 Do please contact the school if you have any questions. 
Kind regards 
Susan Calvert